"This is by far the best learning event that I have ever been to. As an entrepreneur, I love attending conferences and learning events to see to the different ways I can creatively and efficiently run my businesses. However, this event was SO SPECIFIC to my businesses that it was easy to relate and take action immediately. It is almost a no brainer to attend this event if you are a bridal store owner as it couldn't get more relevant than this. Aside from the incredible amount of learning, there is a wealth of knowledge from the attendee's, I've received process and experience shares from other bridal shops that will save me time and energy from doing research/trial and error myself. I wish I can say this is the best kept secret, but I actually want every bridal store owner to attend, so that they run their business with the highest integrity because there is enough business to go around."    

- Jennifer Dang | Ferre Sposa | Toronto, Canada 

“2017 was the worst year for my store. Our sales were declining and I wasn’t sure of my next steps. I felt alone and at time even my biggest supporters didn’t seem to actually get the weight of my business.... inspirational quotes and “you will figure it out” don’t actually help. The White Dress Society has always been an online sounding board. However, I knew I needed to invest in my myself and my brand if I want to reach my potential. The retreat allowed me to not feel alone amongst my peers and also to gain tactile knowledge I could implement into my business. Investing in yourself and your business will never be convenient or free, but if you want to grow your network and gain real knowledge you have to start here first. No matter if you are a multi- million dollar store or you have yet to sell one dress. Your goals and business are worth investing in. I know you will walk away with things you can start to implement into your business so that you can own 2019. I know this because after two years of attending the retreat we just had our best year yet. “ 

- Rachel Apple | The Bride Room | Nashville, TN


The White Dress Society retreat is an incredible opportunity to build invaluable community and learn from brilliant leaders both in and outside the bridal industry. Our business has elevated in so many ways thanks to the relationships and education we gained from the retreat. We are so grateful for Beth and her heart to build us up and spur us on both in business and in life!  

- Ty McBrayer | Twirl Boutique | Lexington, KY

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